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Halloween Horror Nights 2008

Time for Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure! This show has been a legacy in Florida for YEARS and we are so happy they brought it to Califoria. It really is the most awesome theme park show put on.

This year's show opens with McCain and Obama giving us the show rules. Awesome stuff! (And yes, there will be swearing and lots of naked flesh!)

The potiential first ladies rip off their clothes and break into dance. What could be better???

Lots of half naked chicks and dudes! I love this show!!!!


Yay!!! Here comes the phone booth!

Bill & Ted are here to take us on an EXCELLENT adventure!

Indiana Jones is here!

Hellboy and that random dude who no one knows who he is fight it out for some unknown reason.

The not-so-Sex in the City girls were here and they all want to jump Sweeny Todd. (Who wouldn't?)

"Why so SERIOUS!!!" (Why the microphone?)
(on a side note - we saw the mic break down during the first show last night and that was probably the most professional "save" I've ever seen from a show crew and actor!)

CGI Guy and the Mike Meyers character that no one went to go see in the movies! (And they made fun of that fact too!)

OMG...NO! Is that??? Is that????

ACK!!! NO!!!! It is!!! It's Hanna Montana....AND Miley Cyrus!!! (split right down the middle!)

"Yes, we are Bill & Ted and yes this is area 69, DUDE!!!"

The "New Kids on the Block Reunion Tour!"

Whenever a hot chick comes and dances with us...it's a GREAT SHOW!!!

Hey look! There's Juno! This should make Dcody happy!


Thank you Bill & Ted for another EXCELLENT Halloween Adventure. PARTY ON DUDES!!!

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