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Universal Studios Hollywood
100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, California 91608
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Halloween Horror Nights 2008

Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights still the #1 Halloween Event in So Cal!

Halloween Horror Nights 2008 has begun and Theme Park Review has a full update from the opening night media event!
First off, we'll get to the pros and cons....

Pros - As stated above, Halloween Horror Nights is the premiere Halloween event in So Cal...if not the entire world! Universal does Halloween better than any other theme park! While there was some 'new stuff' to see since last year's event, this is the area they were lacking in the most, however the brand new Bill & Ted show totally made up for it! If you go to Halloween Horror Nights and don't watch the Bill & Ted show, you need to go back to Halloween Horror Nights again!

Cons - There wasn't as much 'new' as I would expect from Universal. In Florida, Universal prides themselves on each year being completely new from the previous year. I was hoping this would remain true with California since Knott's re-hashes the same old stuff year after year and it was disappointing to see Universal Hollywood basically do the same thing. Regardless, if you didn't visit Halloween Horror Nights in 2007 (and even if you did) this event is BY FAR better than any other offering in the area.

Our evening begins at the Globe Theater where they welcome all us media whores!

Just in case you forgot where Halloween Horror Nights was taking place!

"Working?" LOL!!!!

This is how we define "Working!"

OMG! Move over Jahan...who is THAT?!?! And why does she look so awesomely deadly? :P

We took the teleporter to the spooky streets of London.

"God save the Queen!!!"

"There sure are a lot of chainsaw guys around here!"

"Post-Apocalyptic Mutated Zombie Transport Unit?" CHECK!

This guy wasn't a monster...he's just your random Hollywood dude!

Time to check out some of the new stuff added to the Freddy maze!

Jahan...don't worry...there won't be any naked girls! =)


Oops! Jahan...I lied!

Is this the "Brad Roach" Motel?!?!
(I apologize in advance for the way too TPR inside joke!)

What? You mean this isn't how EVERY baby is delivered???

OMG! She seems to be really liking the giant freddy bloody penis thing!

Once again, just your average dudes in Hollywood hanging out at Halloween Horror Nights!

Watch out ladies! It's Scarface!

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