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Universal Studios Japan
2-1-33 Sakurajima, Konohana-ku, Osaka City
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Robb & Elissa in Asia - 2016!

So much awesome Jaws merchandise!

Love the artwork on these Jaws postcards!

Here's why Japan is awesome. This is a few thousand people politely & patiently waiting for a show at USJ. Would be a cluster in the US!

Is this photo from Universal Orlando or Japan? You almost cannot tell!

Poor Hello Kitty...

The Sesame Street area is another great place for kids to play.

Things that look familiar, but aren't.

Jaws Skippers > Harry PotterSo if you have noticed, I have not yet mentioned Wizarding World of Harry Potter in this report. I will openly admit, I don't like Harry Potter. While I can appreciate that others do, and I have honestly given it a try, it's just not for me. I'm not a fan of "unicorns & fairies" style fantasy, if anything I prefer a good sci-fi story or movie instead. But that being said, there are plenty of people who are into the property and while I personally think that Harry Potter has helped ruin the parks in the US, the same is fortunately not the case for the Japan park. You see, that put Potterland in it's very own section that is an off-shoot of the main park, almost as though they built a separate "Harry Potter Park" within Universal. You can spend the entire day wandering around USJ and not once have to ever see or step foot into the Harry Potter area. And that is exactly what I did and I had an AWESOME day! I will also say that I did not encounter any annoyance, frustration, or operational issues...UNTIL I went into the Harry Potter area. Ugh, I just do not like it. These areas are small, over-crowded, I'm not a fan of the rides, and I just don't "get" what people see in this property. Hate me if you want for not liking it, but it's just not my thing. And note that I'm not "hating" on it, I just prefer to avoid it most of the time. But enough people had asked me to check it out, especially to see if the fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo situation had changed at all from last year, which sadly it had not. I spent as little time as I could in this area as I wanted to get out and enjoy the rest of my evening.

Yup, it's Forbidden Journey. Same as all the other versions except in 3-D. Not like that it makes it any better of a ride or anything.

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