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Universal Studios Japan
2-1-33 Sakurajima, Konohana-ku, Osaka City
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TPR's 2011 Japan Trip

Looking across the lake.

And another ride on Space Fantasy!

It's really hard to describe this ride, and why it's so awesome. It's just very Japanese, very weird, and about as "cool" as a ride can get!

The Japanese love their covered "main street" areas, and to be honest, they work really well!

The park staff were also great! They were having so much fun and interacted well with guests.

"Hi, I'm Ron Howard. If you see a fire truck, get out of the way. They aren't going to the movies."

It wouldn't be a Universal Studios park without Mel's Die-In... I mean Dine-In.

More park staff having fun!

"Wyatt...your shop is PINK!"

"Why is Ralphs STILL selling storm troopers???" Can someone PLEASE EMAIL DAN and let him know?

Here's the main entrance area of the park.

Any covered area with an airtime hill over it is awesome!

Hollywood Dream won't make you change your top 20 coaster lists, but it's a throw your hands in the air, and have a good time kind of ride!

Magical Curry!!!! (of hot death!!!)

This park is just so awesome for taking pictures!

I love this Jaws logo!

Seriously...best merch ever!

NO! DON'T EAT US!!!! (Well, except for maybe the Australian!)

...gets posted to TPR!

It's like the "Universal Greatest Hits" park! (All they need is Mummy & MiB and it would be perfect!)

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