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Olensteenweg 45 - 2460 Lichtaart - Belgium
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Theme Park Review's 2005 Europe Trip

...and they also had one of these "George Foreman Grill" rides.

Dan and Joey say "The George Foreman Grill ride is ribbed for our pleasure!"

If you've ever been on one of these, you'll know what we're talking about!

Even the park gives George a big thumbs down!

They had one of these too.  (Hasn't EVERY park gotten one of these now?)

BTW, did we mention that Joey and Ghost are STILL soaking wet?

Time for the creepy "Peek-a-boo, I can see you, guy in the hat" Wild Mouse ride.

"Speedy Bob" was themed to a creepy old west guy checking out all the hot chicks as they entered the queue.

"Get your grubby paws of my wife creepy guy...but you can have Joey!"

"Wheeeee!  Let's all escape the peek-a-boo creepy guy!"

Yes, that is a slide.  A psycho slide of death to be exact!

I really hope those nets are STRONG!

Best shirt we saw the whole trip!

What is the ride called Dan?  "It's called Oki Doki...and I'm not making that up!"

Oki Doki was actually fun!

Kind of a really extended Vekoma Roller Skater.

Have you downloaded Tom's Bobbejaanland video yet?  (Click the link below!) And now what you've all been waiting for!  A series of photos where Robb points at someone.....

"Here's the guy in the Vekoma hat."

"Here's the guy that operates the slippery slide of death."

"Here's TinHead.  Instead of posting at him I'll make an evil monkey face!"

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