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Knott's Berry Farm
8039 Beach Blvd Buena Park CA, 90620
(714) 220-5200
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Knott's Halloween Haunt 2011

Today was the day of the Mice Chat/TPR teamed up Halloween Haunt event at Knott's Berry....I mean, Knott's Scary Farm! We had some behind the scenes cool stuff lined up, a feast fit for theme park geeks, and a really cool trick & treat for some lucky winners - the chance to become a Knott's Haunt "Scare Actor" for the night! This was my 2nd time getting to do this, and the experience is like nothing else! I'll chat more about it later on in the report....

First stop on our behind the scenes tour was the costume and make-up department!

This is Tim Barham, he is in charge of all things Haunt costumes. He's been doing this a lot of years, probably more than he'd like to admit to! He gave us some huge number of costumes and people they have to dress up every night, I don't remember the number off-hand, but it was really impressive! Like 734 thousand or something like that! Insane!

Yes, it's true, even the bumper cars have to wear a dress! And if you're going to the Wilderness Dance...you better not be caught dead wearing anything but gray and polka dots!

The Log Ride loves to dress up in blue pajamas! (It's a secret fetish...we won't tell!)

They actually let us back here to check out the place. This a low point for Haunt....it immediately got better after we left! =)

They found her in a graveyard doing the exact same thing and said.... YOU'RE HIRED!!!

Just in case you forgot what event you came to, they put out a sign for us!

There was also some really impressive number of make-up artists, like 40-something...or maybe that's my age...I don't remember!

Seriously, though, the costuming and make-up departments was dead impressive! (get it...dead...) Keep up the great work guys!

Masks...I got nothing else.

Soon to be blood brothers!!!

Daniel Miller is...well, to put it nicely... and "odd" fellow...but it's his oddity that we love. You see...he invents horror...like this maze we are about to tour, Delirium...yeah, he designed this....

Yes, it's creepy!

If you start at it long enough, it will start to whisper things in your ear.

This is clearly the only action Robb is going to get tonight...or this year.

Yes, Amy...that is an eye...it helps you to see.

Oh, crap! These monsters are really lifelike!

Amy sees stuff like this all the time...no really, she does!

These black curtains, when the "show" is on will be quite a surprise! Just you wait and see....or maybe you won't see? ;)

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