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Theme Park Review's 2009 West Coast Trip!

Have we introduced Larry yet? Larry is the most amazing driver that a TPR trip has ever seen! It's awesome when you have someone who is also a theme park enthusiast doing the driving for the group!

In a moment of total dork-dom we watched the most important theme park film of all time on the trek to Six Flags Magic Mountain.

The bus is clapping and singing along...what could it be?

No, no, no, this isn't home movies from a recent NAMBLA convention this is Kidsongs: Ride The Roller Coaster! I'm sure coaster enthusiasts everywhere MUST know this DVD! If not...order it now:

"Water, water everywhere, we're gonna get wet!" (C'mon, I KNOW you know the tunes!)

The Kidsongs video is KidTums #1 theme park DVD!

We got to the park a bit early that night so SFMM treated us to group photo ERT!!! Hooray!!!

No, no, just kidding! We actually got *SUPRISE GOLIATH ERT!!!*


"Aww, I really wanted group photo ERT!"

The next morning, SFMM Director of Operations and totally awesome celebrity Neal Thurman announced that they have closed the park for the day and just our group of 50 people would be let in!

"Hooray! Whole park ERT!!!" Ok, that part may not actually be true, but the did open quite a few rides for us that morning!

Thumbs up for some X2 love.

These guys came all the way from Belgium and the Netherlands to ride X2!

Yup we rode X2...lots of times!

"¡Hola! X2 is one awesome burrito!"

And then we had some ERT on Tatsu!

And some of us made sweet, sweet love to Tatsu! We'll just leave these two alone for a bit.


Yes, it's the majestic Tatsu! (But don't think we don't see you McDonald's looking station down there! You can't hide from us!)

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