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Six Flags Magic Mountain
26101 Magic Mountain Parkway, Valencia, CA 91355
(661) 255-4100
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Theme Park Review's 2009 West Coast Trip!

And now the real stars of the day.... FLASH PASS!!!


Flash Pass makes it so you don't have to stand in long lines for Six Flags Magic Mountain's amazing attractions like this one, Riddler's Revenge.

"I'm doing my best Tony impression."

Holy old colors Batman!

The old gray color makes Batman look more like he needs Viagra. The new blue color is young and naturally perky!

Today's visit to SFMM scores high on the Fun-O-Meter!

And now...for the most XTREME...the most INTENSE...the FASTEST...the TALLEST...mine train coaster in Valencia!

Don't look so worried...it only goes 86 miles per hour!

Pretzel loops make me hungry for chick pea soup and a side of haggis.

Oh, no... we really wanted to eat at Johnny Rockets today, but they had this section reserved for a private VIP event. :(

Oh, wait a second...those VIPs are *US*??? Are you kidding???

"Neal Thurman, Director of Operations and Head Waiter, at your service!"


"Straws! Get your giant red straws here!!! Straws!"

Piers is trying, but Johnny Rockets is already fancy! Poor Piers.

"This is my best 'Johnny Rockets Milkshake has stolen my manhood' look."

Are we SURE that's a milkshake???

SFMM's #1 Celebrity Jay Thomas came out to say hello and sign autographs. Thanks Jay!

Did we mention that when you see this sign, you don't have to wait in long lines?

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