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Six Flags Magic Mountain
26101 Magic Mountain Parkway, Valencia, CA 91355
(661) 255-4100
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West Coast Bash 2010

Hey everyone! Welcome to our annual West Coast Bash photo update! West Coast Bash has proved to be the roller coaster enthusiast event on the West Coast! This year we expanded the event to TWO parks instead of one! Part 1 of this update - Six Flags Magic Mountain!

At 6:15am, the SFMM sign is still all lit up!

If your name is Will, go here.

Presenting to you the 2010 West Coast Bash T-Shirt Distribution Team! (They will be in swim suits and tutu's at 4pm)

"It's funny because it sounds like LeZ."

Who ordered the "10 minutes with the Aussie on the table" along with their XL T-Shirt?

Sign up for Club TPR and get more cool stuff than any other theme park or roller coaster club!

Who's ready for some ERT?

Director of Operations Neal Thurman announces that for one day only the park has removed the over the shoulder restraints on Revolution!
But then as soon as the meds kicked in he said "Just Kidding..."

This is quite the awesome schedule! Where should we go first?

"I don't need to make love to X2 when I can make love to this fancy pole!"

Hooray! Roller Coasters are open!!!

10 minutes later...diabetic coma.

If you think Dan should eat the donut.  EMAIL HIM and say EAT THE DONUT DAN!!! EAT IT!!!

Hey Martin, the ACE convention is next month.

Viper is open.... Yup.

Oh my! Piers is the official sausage of Six Flags Magic Mountain! And I thought the tour of the glory hole was tomorrow!

Yup, the restraints are still there!

Oh, did we mention is was a BEAUTIFUL day? X2, Tatsu, Terminator, Viper, and Revolution were open with NO LINES?

Tatsu is even better after 6 donuts and a trough of coffee!

Hello big audio box on the back of Terminator! I sure hope you've got a retirement plan set up!

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