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26101 Magic Mountain Parkway, Valencia, CA 91355
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West Coast Bash 2010

It was time for the first of many "backstage tours" at this year's West Coast Bash. Today we got to see the crew do a "Block Check" before the ride opened!

Somewhere up there is a piece of "Special" track.

If you know what is so special about this piece of track...

EMAIL DAN!!! First 10 people to email with the correct answer AND your mailing address will get a TPR Bag-O-Crap!

"Yeah, we are waiting for Goliath...what are you going to do about it?"

So THAT is what it looks like under the Goliath tunnel!

They even let us get VERY CLOSE to the helix!

What is it with all these insane people who want to make love to the roller coasters???

William looks unpleased about this, but really he is not.

Now it's time for the "Backstage walking tour!"

First we start with a giant mound of dirt!

CAPTION CONTEST!!! Something very strange is going on here. If you know what it could be...

"Mr. Burkhart! Mr. Burkhart! Why is Mr. Six still a mound of dirt?" "It just is, kid...it just is..."

Don't worry! We are told that this mound of dirt will be transformed into the newest, baddest, most EXTREME thrill machine by Memorial Day!

Marker Porn.

Just picture it...dancing old men and children....yeah baby!

So THAT is where they've been keeping the Magic Pagoda budda all these years!

There is just something very dirty about this picture.

Coaster track? Or picnic benches? You decide!

Dum..de..dum...here we go on a backstage photo tour....

Oooh! Places were "normal" people can't go! Oooh! (Oh, who are we kidding? We are not normal!)

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