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California's Great America
2401 Agnew Rd, Santa Clara, CA
(408) 988-1776
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Theme Park Review's 2009 West Coast Trip

Next stop on the TPR West Coast Tour... California's Great America!

We will start our morning off on one of the most intense B&M Inverts ever built! Flight Deck aka Top Gun!

OMG! Flight Deck has warped our minds so much that even Mike Austin is SMILING!!!!

Check it out! Big Loop! Hell yeah! =)

THIS, oddly enough, is the best part of the ride! But I won't give that away...wait, I just gave that away. DAMN! I keep doing that!!!

Vortex actually means "Suck you in" and part of that statement just might be correct! =)

It's one of the early B&M's, in fact I think it was #2 or #3 and it kind of looks like this.

"Vortex just challenged my manhood!"

Drop Tower aka Drop Zone is an Intamin Giant Drop...which means it's really awesome!

See that shaft of awesomeness? Yeah. Love it! Touch it! Reach out and touch your screen! Oh baby.

The three in the front are loving it...but the three to the left. Take a really close look. REALLY close. I think that's Dave in the middle going "Hey! I just found my penis!" Sorry Dave! We caught you!

A little bit of love for the old Arrow classic!

The Demon...it's DEMONIC. Yeah, I know that was a lame caption. Sue me. Email Dan or something.

Now this is interesting...how is it that while all the other Paramount rides converted to Cedar Fairisms that Survivor managed to stay? Crazy!

The three "Ohs"

The ride itself, is actually quite good! It's one of those big Disk-O's with a hump in it. I like the humping part.

There are "Survivor Challenges" all around the ride.

LOL! I'm not sure THIS is what the park had in mind!!! Stop it boys! Save it for the hotel room!!!

"Yeah, that's right beeyotches...I'm in my flyer. What you gonna do about it?"

We'd like take a moment from our normal selection of trying-so-hard-to-be-funny-but-failing-miserably captions to tell you "Great America is quite a lovely looking park."

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