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Theme Park Review's 2009 West Coast Trip

Grizzly is a VERY noteworthy wooden coaster. Now, no offense to the park or anything, but Grizzly has been ranked the WORST WOODEN ROLLER COASTER IN THE WORLD for the last 15 years (see the coaster poll link below) and we feel that's AWESOME! If you can't be noteworthy by being the best, dammit, be memorable by being the WORST! Thank you Great America!!! We are honestly REALLY EXCITED to ride this coaster!!!

From a distance is doesn't look that bad...

And look at how excited they all are! They aren't in pain from restraints digging into their abdomen or anything like that. What could be so wrong about it?

Hooray! Drop! Goodness! Fun! Wild! Hooray!

Amazing curves on that beauty!


"WE LOVE THE GRIZZLY!!!!" To be fair, I don't think it's *that* bad. It's just one of those coasters that doesn't DO anything. I think I've actually been on worse, but just for tradition sake, everyone be sure to rank it rock bottom!


Oh, what do we have here? A little bit of credit whoring I see?

Well now..this kid just might be the ultimate in roller coaster credit whores! He knows that they ONLY let adults ride this coaster if they are accompanied by a kid. He is CHARGING TPR members to ride with him! Well done Joshua. That is American capitalism at its finest!

"That will be $10 please?" "Do I get a discount because my brother and I are twins?" "No, $20 please." "Why?" "Because you're from Alabama!"


Q: Why does the train look so sad? A: Because it has all of our fat asses on it!!!

"I'm going with the slightly cheaper kid...he's only charging $3!"

"Hey Rapids Nerd...have we found a store for you!!!"

"Check it out Rapids Nerd...unicorns and fairies...all over the place!"

I think they even have something for the Insane Clown Posse in all of us!

I love how you can tell EXACTLY the point where the store goes from being "World of Warcraft Nerd Zone" to the "Ultimate No-Brains Jock Fest." This might be my favorite store of any theme park in the world! The amount of pure awesomeness in here cannot even be described in one update.

Here is my "Yup, they have a water park" obligatory photo.

"Yup! They have a water park!"

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