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2009 Convention Photos - Las Vegas

Hey TPR Peeps!

Robb and Hanno are in Las Vegas and getting ready for the start of the big IAAPA Expo Show 2009. For those of you unfamiliar with this event, it's basically the biggest Amusement Park Trade Show in the World. There are booths from companies that range from giant roller coasters to churro stands!

They are all trying to sell their next big thing to the Amusement Parks, Water Parks, and FEC's out there.

Indoor skydiving anyone?

They even have an outdoor portable model!

WTF??? Upside down zip lines!!!

Dude! It's the Golden Horse company!!!

We have been on at least one, possibly 12 of these Golden Horse spinning coasters!

That's a ton of Chinese knock-off rides!

Techincal Park. They made that crazy thing we rode at Tivoli Gardens.

There it is! Flying Fury!

Mini drop tower set up in the show floor.

Drop Tower in action.

Look, it's a full size X-Car on display! Or not.

Portable ice skating rink.

Not sure what frightens me more. The bronze staues or the guy in the top hat!

Best new food product of the show. I didn't realize that Italian Ice was so big!

The future of those balloon rides! One was testing on Oasis of the Seas but broke off and went flying away!!!

These guys do the red light green light systems for water parks. Anyone else having elementary school flashbacks? Red Light Green Light 1 2 3!!!

These guys do everything conveyer related! Remember the conveyer on Downhill Double Dipper? They did it! All waterpark fans that hate carrying those giant tubes should thank these guys right now!

Something new from the Starflyer guys and equally insane!

They built one in St. Petersburg!!! OMFG! (Note, St. Petersburg Russia, not Florida!)

Moser always has some crazy looking machine that would kill Elissa!

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