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IAAPA Trade Show

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2009 Convention Photos - Las Vegas

Hey TPR Peeps!

Robb and Hanno are in Las Vegas and getting ready for the start of the big IAAPA Expo Show 2009. For those of you unfamiliar with this event, it's basically the biggest Amusement Park Trade Show in the World. There are booths from companies that range from giant roller coasters to churro stands!

They are all trying to sell their next big thing to the Amusement Parks, Water Parks, and FEC's out there.

It's that time of year again...IAAPA! ...or the quest for yummy churro.

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IAAPA 2009 Trade Show - Las Vegas - Part 1
Gravity Group, Martin & Vleminckx, Sally Corp, Moser Rides, Dippin' Dots, and MORE!

IAAPA 2009 Trade Show - Las Vegas - Part 2
Chris Gray of Great Coasters International (GCI), Proslide Technology, Mack Rides, Halloween Effects, and MORE!

IAAPA 2009 Trade Show - Las Vegas - Part 3
Stan Checketts of S&S, Craig Hanna of Thinkwell, Kristen Barney of Wave Loch, Ken Ramage of Van Stone Conveyor, Zoltar, Mini Donuts, and MORE!

IAAPA 2009 Trade Show - Las Vegas - Part 4
Walter Bolliger from Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M), Tom Rebbie of PTC, Lo-Q, the Q-Bot guys, Whitewater West, Pete Owens of Dollywood, and MORE!

And it's a very good reason to make a trip out to Las Vegas for!

Oooh! This looks like a place for us to hang out at!

Here's another look at it.

Hooray! Magical Midway! (not so much magic though!)

The show is about to open... Oh the excitement!

Premier Rides.

Not sure what a drifting coaster is but it looks cool!

Hey look! Elissa makes an appearance at the show! (Grr, Elissa is actually sitting in Valencia!!!)


TPR footage everywhere!

A very nice model of Boardwalk Bullet.

Robb interviews Chuck Bingham from M&V who shares some awesome stores from Fireball's construction.

S&S was showing off a new sleek and sexy IAAPA booth!

Stan Checketts, Hanno, and Hanno's photo all lit up on the wall of S&S' booth!

Look at that! It's Tranan and more TPR footage at IAAPA!

"What was that you said about my mother Mr. Robo???"

Robb and Chris Gray rockin out the Millennium Flyer!

Friends from Grona Lund attack!!!


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