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Toy Story Mania Media Day

It was time to head over to Disneyland. You can tell due to the lack of castle! =)

Over at Disneyland they were having their own media day...that's right, for a new "House of the Future."

Dudes in yellow shirts attacked the corporate execs. (Six Flags Employees?!?!)

And one of the machines farted streamers.


The house of the future was quite cool. Someday your table will be smarter than you.

The piano of the future comes complete with this robot baby.

Is this the sofa of the future or Chris' Mojo Love Den?
Um, Chris...she's just a *little* young, don't you think? Apparently not!

We see you XBOX 360!

KidTums, PLEASE do not make a dirty diaper in Walt's chair!

Yay! Thanks guys! I don't even know what I did...but THANK YOU!!!

The kitchen of the future is very yellow.

I know this is a throwback to the old House of the Future, but does anyone else see the "butt?"

In the Peter Pan room some magical coolness is supposed to happen.

Um, Chris...could you slowly step away from KidTums? Thank you!

In the future all meat is cloaked.

Are you sure this wasn't supposed to go into the Moody Blues dark ride at Hard Rock Park???

Tom Morrow is still hanging around. (Anyone else think he looks like a Robotic Eric Idle???)

X2? Or Disneyland Fireworks. You decide.

Yay! Random explosions!

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