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Toy Story Mania Media Day

Today was the media day for the new Toy Story Mania!
Theme Park Review was there. We shot lots of fake plastic animals on giant plasma TV screens. It was awesome!
For the ULTIMATE Theme Park Review Toy Story Mania experience. Check out the video below:

If the video does not stream in your browser you may download it by clicking here:

We got to the park to see signs all over the place saying they would be opening later because Robb & Elissa were there.

This little guy will be our best friend for the next 48 hours.

They also gave us lots of Fast Passes good for anything at anytime. SWEET!

KidTums even got a Viewmaster!

We are here for Toy Story Mania, so enough of all this silliness, let's just get right to the game!

It's like part video game, part dark ride. You get in these little snazzy vehicles and use that cannon.

Ok, girls, ready to take your first ride?

First you are greeted by Woody and Buzz and you get to throw pies at them. (What a waste of perfectly tasty 3-D pies!!!)

The ride is basically a room full of giant video walls that your vehicle stops in front of while you play your "midway" game.

Knock down lots of pigs and duckies!

In between game stages you travel through the amusement park as an "honorary toy"

You can see here how the cars are all lined up.

There are rodents and penguin in here. That makes the girls happy!

There's lots of retro junk for us old dudes.

Toy Story Mania has turned me into a "Sheep Balloon" enthusaist!

"Hi Jahan."

Shooting plates is fuuuuuuun!

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that there are screens ALL AROUND you...and the ride SPINS!

The girls totally cleaned up the farm!

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