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Berggeiststraße 31-41 50321 Brühl, Germany
+49 (0) 22 32 – 3 62
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Black Mamba
Colorado Adventure - Michael Jackson Thrill Ride
Temple Of The Night Hawk

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Each area of the park serves food "native" to that region. The best food can be found in the traditional German offerings, along with the lo mein cart in China.
Operating Season
The park is generally open from April to early November--check the park website for specific hours.
Established Seasonal events
The Winter Experience runs from late November through early January--consult the park website for specifics. The indoor rides and shows are open during the Winter Experience.
Access & Location
Driving directions to the park can be found on the park's website:

Bus service is available from the Bruhl Train Station (Hauptbahnhof Brühl).
Nearby Lodging
There are two incredible, immersive top-notch hotels on site with the four-star-rated Hotel Ling Bao (Chinese theme) and three-star-rated Hotel Matamba (African safari theme). Hotel Ling Bao also has the rooftop Dragon Bar, but hours are limited.

For a more rugged experience, families can opt for Smokey's Digger Camp, where you can hook up your RV or rent teepees and tents.
Virtual Queue Options
A limited number of Quick Passes are sold each day.
The park offers traditiontal theme-park shows--singing, dancing, ice skating, acrobatics, magic, and stunts--in various venues. In 2010 the park introduced an outdoor spectacular with music, acrobats, artistry, and mechanical machines featuring the park's six mascots.
Black Mamba Roller Coaster POV
Chiapas Log Flume POV
Talocan Top Spin Flat Ride POV

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2010 Park Map
2008 Park Map
2007 Park Map

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