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E-DA Theme Park
Syuecheng Road, Dashu Township, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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TPR's 2013 Taiwan Trip

TPR is currently in Taiwan! First stop, E-Da Theme Park!

Here is a view of our bus. This guy has like his office in here complete with a garden of plants. Love it! Viewed 12671 times

One thing we love about Asia is all the different "tap to pay" and RFID type of system. They've had "MagicBands" for years! Viewed 12671 times

Frozen beer anyone? Viewed 12671 times

Amidst all the technically advanced electronics you find in Taiwan...there sits the "Shake Weight!" Viewed 12671 times

Yay! One of our first stops... Din Tai Fung! This is one of our favorite restaurants, and you can find them in many places in Asia! (Google it!) Viewed 12671 times

Din Tai Fung is like foreplay and... well... everything else for Elissa! =) Viewed 12671 times

The next day we went to visit the third tallest building in the world, Taipei 101! Viewed 12671 times

Christmas Card photo! Viewed 12671 times

Taipei 101 features the "World's Fastest Elevator!" It actually hits 1,000 at one point! Viewed 12671 times

Checking out Taiwan from 1,300 feet in the air! Viewed 12671 times

NOTED! Viewed 12671 times

In case you forgot how to poop... The bathrooms in Taipei 101 remind you. Viewed 12671 times

"Super Big Wind Damper" Viewed 12671 times

And there it is! Viewed 12671 times

Yup, it's big. Viewed 12671 times

Yay! We ended up at Din Tai Fung again! Viewed 12671 times

This dude is bringing food just for Elissa! Viewed 12671 times

Our first theme park in Taiwan, E-DA Theme Park! Viewed 12671 times

Thank you E-DA. We feel very welcomed. Viewed 12671 times

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