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E-DA Theme Park
Syuecheng Road, Dashu Township, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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TPR's 2013 Taiwan Trip

TPR is currently in Taiwan! First stop, E-Da Theme Park!

E-DA is home to a one-of-a-kind Vekoma shuttle coaster called "Big Air." Unfortunately, the "turning" feature of this ride no longer works, but it was still a lot of fun! Viewed 12671 times

It get freakishly close to the end of the spikes! Viewed 12671 times

Yup, that's pretty damn vertical! Viewed 12671 times

This is what Big Air does to your faces. (Watch the POV above!) Viewed 12671 times

Troy, anyone? Viewed 12671 times

"Dark Ride" was actually not a "Dark Ride", but actually a custom Vekoma roller skater in the dark! Viewed 12671 times

Hello, Vekoma train! Viewed 12671 times

Ok, it was all in the dark except this lift hill part. Really, the ride was actually quite good! Viewed 12671 times

We found this awesome coin operated, do-it-yourself cotton candy machine! Viewed 12671 times

KidTums made it all by herself! awwwww.... Viewed 12671 times

They had a "Soarin'" type ride called "Fly Over Taiwan", but it sorta looked more like "bomb Taiwan!" lol Viewed 12671 times

The ride system was VERY similar to the one Disney uses... Viewed 12671 times

And yep... we flew over Taiwan! Viewed 12671 times

This was terrifying... because a huge part of the park was an indoor, multi-level complex, much like Lotte World, they had all these evacuation areas, which included having to jump out of windows!!! Viewed 12671 times

They had pretty much every kids ride you could find in the Zamperla catalog! Viewed 12671 times

E-DA Park is TPR approved! =) Viewed 12671 times

Love all the awesome arcades you find in these parks! Viewed 12671 times

Gotta pay homage to the game where TPR's similies came from! Viewed 12671 times

Would you believe the park is OPEN...and has been for over two hours when I took this photo? Viewed 12671 times

Their "Splash Battle" ride looked nice... Viewed 12671 times

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