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Pacific Park
380 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, California 90401 USA
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Theme Park Review's 2009 West Coast Tour

It's time for another TPR trip! This time around, we're hittin So Cal, baby! That's right! All the Hollywood stars and silicone implants you can handle!
We'll start this trip off with a sightseeing tour of Los Angeles - TPR Style! (Don't worry, there IS a credit involved!)

"Sunset Blvd....WE LOVE IT!" ... well, not really.

Yup, pretty much palm trees and blue skies. All we need are some models with fake boobs and this photo would be complete.

This is where you go if you have a bazillion dollars and want to spend it on expensive dumb things...like a diamond encrusted dog collar. Yup.

Ahh, now here is where all the action happens! Well, if you're pan handling for used grease that is...

Yup, here we have many buildings of Hollywood. Some new, some old...yeah.

Here is the Chinese theater. Oddly enough you won't see any Chinese people here, nor will you have the ability to eat Chinese food. But you CAN see the latest Harry Potter movie.

Michael Jackson was apparently into weathered looking flowers and Jesus candles. Who knew!?

"Has anyone seen Tom Cruise?"

"I went to take the Scientology test and they just told me GET OUT!!! GET OUT RIGHT NOW!!!"

KidTums is shy around her favorite star.

Now it's time to leave Hollywood and head to our next spot...

...that's right! Beverly Hills!!! Hey, um, guys...try not to look too excited, ok?



Yay! We made it to the BEECH!!!! Wait, make that beach. Yeah.

Wow! That is some IMPRESSIVE peeing!

And here we are...Santa Monica...home to the first credit of the trip!

"What did you say about sharks?"

"Can this slightly retarded boy stop bothering me? I'm trying to build a massive sand castle!"

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