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Theme Park Review's 2009 West Coast Tour

YES!!! A fantastic porn selection! Something for everyone!!!

We found blockbusters like "Night of the Giving Head."

"When MILFs Attack!"

Oh, c'mon, are people REALLY into this???

This one was my favorite!!! "WHITEZILLA!!!"

I, of course, am still fond of the classics. Thanks to daddy's porn collection, these are the flicks I grew up with!

And then we saw it! "SIX FLAGS MAGIC MOUNTAIN!!!" Oh, wait, that's NOT what that says! **SHOCK**

"It's theme park related, so we have to get it!"

Help Tyler decide...should he purchase "Paul Blart Mall Cop" or "Six Fags Magic Mount Him?"

To tell us which one you think he should buy...EMAIL DAN!!! mrt0ad13@aol.com

Neil and Jenn? Homeless??? Wow, I had no idea these TPR trips were THAT expensive! (note - yes, that is a jug of his urine in the top of the cart)

Well, it was time for our drive up to the bay area...and guess what we watched on TV? That's right! Yo Gabba Gabba and the amazing SHARK ATTACK 3!

We saw this for about 6 hours. Yawn!

Our hotel in Santa Clara was awesome. It was right next to Great America and everyone had roller coaster murals above their beds! Goodnight Intamin!

It was time for another "TPR Snack Exchange" where people bring or make snacks from all over the world...and we eat! A LOT!!!

"I was really fond of Natalie's balls."

"But Jason's candy sushi was awesome as well!"

We are all being cleansed.

We took this opprotunity to rob Piers of some of his trade skills. Tyler's hair took all of about 30 seconds to cut.

Elissa's on the other hand was a bit more tricky...

Is this a haircut or date rape?!??!

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