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The TPR Grand Prix 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen...we present to you the competitors of the TPR Grand Prix 2009. Please wish these men and women the best of luck as they compete TO THE DEATH to be crowned the champion.

That's right. Today's weapon of choice is this professional grade Go Kart!

I don't mind having to wear the funny clothes, but I don't want to be called "Jaffa!"

Not even this heavy duty racing gear can contain TPDave's massive junk!

You guys know this is a race not Ocean's Eleven, right?

Our TPR Grand Prix participants are almost ready for round one.

You guys really to KILL?

And here they come rounding out the first lap! Number 8 is giving number 33 the "bird" in Finnish!

While it looks very slow here, these karts are actually going at speeds of over 100 MPH!!! Amazing.

"Look ma...one hand!"

Uh, oh, looks like we have our first casualty.

Don't worry number 2, nobody saw this...

Racecar POV!!! ps. if you happen to know what racecar spells backwads....

EMAIL DAN!!!!  mrt0ad13@aol.com

Bodies are scattered all over the race track now.

"Two....I have killed two people so far..."


This is it...final lap!

Coming in the home stretch...lean in!!! LEAN IN!!!!

And there goes the checkered flag...

And we have our winners! Tom from the UK, Ivan from Switzerland, and Hot Fuzz Rich from the USA! Congrats guys!

And now how about some video?

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