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Silver Dollar City
399 Indian Point Rd Branson, MO 65616, US
(417) 338-2611
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Theme Park Review's 2010 Mid-America Trip

And if all that food isn't enough for you...go join the "no hands" cake eating contest!!!

Powder Keg...yup...

We wish to be blasted! We will be going that way!

Any coaster that includes an explosion of fire as it's theming is automatically awesome!


Silver Dollar City put together a backstage photo tour of Powder Keg for the TPR moderators.

We present to you the Middle America contingent of the 2010 TPR Moderating Team!

It's got amazing airtime, the launch is great...but not too intense for more intimidated riders.

"I never want to leave!!!"

I would love to see more parks order an S&S launched coaster like Powder Keg. It really is the "perfect" ride.

Does anyone know why they needed to design these very odd-looking A frame supports? (Joe - you're not allowed to answer)

If a coaster like Thirteen had a coaster section like Powder Keg, it would have made it one of the best rides in the world.

Lots of awesome photo angles not normally allowed by the public.

Powder Keg is a seriously awesome coaster. It's probably my favorite S&S coaster ever made!

Some interesting supports that even go underground to help support the footers.

While I would consider Powder Keg a ride "for the entire family", it's more than just a "family coaster."

The theming on Powder Keg is really awesome!

Yep...We're not going to lie to you, Lou loves getting her bottom vibrated.

TPDave would like to use these spoons for a purpose that we could get in trouble for if we posted it to TPR.

Random Water Balloon Toss!

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