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Yokohama Cosmoworld
11 Shinminato-cho Naka-ku, Yokohama Kanagawa Japan
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TPR's 2008 Japan Trip

Today it was KidTums turn to get us to our next park! She's got the directions, she's ready to lead us!

Wait! She wants us to do morning calesthentics before we hit up the next park???

"STEP ON THE BUG!!! STEP ON THE BIG BUG!!!! Before it gets to the children...."

See Comoworld during the day is nice...

...and the setting right in the middle of the city is fantastic...

...but it's at night when this park REALLY comes alive!

The park is located on both sides of the bay. The ferris wheel and "Diving Coaster" is located on one side...

...and there are some flat rides and the kiddie coaster are located on the other. It's a short walk between the two.

Enough pretty lights talk...let's ride a roller coaster!

Yes, Diving Coaster is pink...very pink...

You guys all ready for the pink diving coaster?

"Dive! Dive! Take her down easy!"

And there they go! Pink and diving!

Even the trains have glowey lights!

Diving coaster is ICE BAT APPROVED!

I'm not even sure what this is, but damn it looks awesome!

Why do we keep bringing these maniacs on our trips with us? (Except Lauren...she's cool.)

Seriously though, while Diving Coaster isn't the greatest coaster in the world, the park really is amazing!

Everywhere you look everything glows!

This place must have been a lighting designers wet dream!

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