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Cedar Point
1 Cedar Point Rd Sandusky, OH 44870
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Blue Streak
Cedar Creek Mine Ride
Disaster Transport
Iron Dragon
Jumbo Jet
Magnum XL-200
Mean Streak
Millennium Force
Steel Vengeance
Top Thrill Dragster
Wicked Twister
Wilderness Run
Woodstock Express

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Antique Cars
Cadillac Motor Cars
Cedar Downs
Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railroad
Demon Drop
Dinosaurs Alive!
Frog Hopper
Giant Wheel
Lake Erie Eagles
Midway Carousel
Ocean Motion
Paddlewheel Excursions
Pipe Scream
Power Tower
Shoot the Rapids
Sky Ride
Snake River Falls
Space Spiral
Super Himilaya
Thunder Canyon
Tiki Twirl
Turnpike Cars
Wave Swinger
Witches Wheel

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Retro 1977 by edboxer

Standard amusement-park fare is available all over the park, punctuated with a couple of fast-food chains: Subway, Panda Express, Pinks, Chickie and Pete's and Johnny Rockets. Midway Market offers all-you-can-eat buffets. Pinks has gourmet hot dogs and Melt provides higher end grilled cheese. Many people like to leave the park and walk to Famous Dave's BBQ in the Marina or head to the Breakers for Perkins or TGIFriday's. For the more sophisticated palate, finer dining with no dress code is available in the Marina at Bay Harbor.
Operating Season
Daily operation starts around the second weekend in May and continues through Labor Day.
Established Seasonal events
Halloweekends is the park's Friday-Sunday Halloween event in October. Brew and BBQ Festival usually occurs in June
Access & Location
Cedar Point is located on a Lake Erie peninsula in Sandusky, Ohio. Nearby major cities include Cleveland (60 miles), Toledo (62 miles), Detroit (115 miles), and Columbus (120 miles).

Take the Ohio Turnpike to Exit 118 (US 250) and follow the signs north, or take Exit 110 (SR 4) and follow Route 4 north. Once you get to Sandusky, just follow the signs to the Cedar Point Causeway.

Greyhound (bus) and Amtrak (train) provide connections from Cleveland, but a taxi will be necessary for traveling from the bus/train station to the park.
Nearby Lodging
Cedar Point has multiple lodging options on-site. Breakers, Castaway Bay (includes indoor waterpark), Lighthouse Point (cabins/cottages), Camper Village (for RVs), and Breakers Express, which is slightly off the grounds. Guests of Cedar Point hotels are allowed entry to the park one hour before the park opens. Nearly every mid-level hotel chain has substandard and overpriced accommodations near the park.
Virtual Queue Options
Cedar Point uses "Fast Lane" (skip the line) service.
http://www.cedarpoint.com/what-s-new/fast-lane There are different service levels and pricing fluctuates throughout the season based on expected crowds.
Standard fare in various locations.
Gatekeeper Roller Coaster POV
Maverick Roller Coaster POV
Gatekeeper RiderCam and Off-Ride Shots
Blue Streak POV
Top Thrill Dragster POV

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