Cedar Point
Sandusky, Oh
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We got a lot of photos of Top Thrill Dragster signs on our trip...

...unfortunately, they looked like this.  =(

When we arrived on Monday, the cable had snapped!  The engineers were hard at work getting it fixed.

As you can see, a LOT of people were anticipating the ride to re-open!

Elissa was refusing to wait in the line, but Justin made sure we got on TTD!


Finally, here we are, camped out in our little tent waiting for Dragster to open.

Dragster was almost ready and the ride ops were even waxing the train for it's debut!

By now the line had grown out past Coasters restaurant!
(Hey is that Tommy Faircloth behind the guy with the cell phone??)  =)

Finally!  Dragster launches with people!

The launch is a lot of fun and blew us away!

Looks so calm, so still, but it's going OVER 100MPH!!!!

We were hoping to see a roll back, but never did.

Up and over at 420 feet.

After just 15 seconds our ride was over!  But what a rush!

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