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Six Flags St. Louis
4900 Six Flags Road, Eureka, MO 63025
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American Thunder
Batman: The Ride
The Boss
Jet Scream
Mr. Freeze
Rail Blazer
River King Mine Train
Screamin' Eagle

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Grand Ole Carousel
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The Joker Inc
Justice League Battle for Metropolis
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It's probably best to get Mr. Freeze (the park's shuttle coaster) done first, followed by nearby American Thunder and Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. Batman:The Ride should be next, as it tends to draw a good-sized crowd, followed by Big Spin (a spinning coaster with relatively low capacity), the obligatory Mine Train (which is a good one), and the park's two woodies, Screamin' Eagle and The Boss. (It's a bit of a hike uphill to these two, and their entrances can be tricky to find.)

The park's rapids ride is standard issue, but flat-ride fans shouldn't miss Skyscreamer and The Superman: Tower of Power drop ride is fun, too.

The train ride is relaxing, but watch out for bandits along the way.
JBs Smokehouse is the most popular eatery. Typical fare can be found throughout the park and people may recognize the following franchises (Johnny Rocket's Express and Panda Express). SFStL is one of the few northern US parks that sells fresh roasted corn on the cob (Colonel Cobbs).
Operating Season
SFSL starts opening on weekends in late April and begins daily operations in late May--but be sure to check the park's online calendar for "Schools Only" days. The park cuts back to weekends only from mid-August through October. The Hurricane Harbor water park's season runs from Memorial Day Weekend (late May) through Labor Day (early September). Both parks open at 10:30 am. The theme park stays open until 9:00 pm (later on some days), while the water park closes at 7:00 pm.
Established Seasonal events
Concerts are offered during the summer months. The park has regular Christian music events, as well--Joyfest, Christian Family Day, and Praise-a-Palooza--in the summer. FrightFest occurs Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in October. Holiday in the Park occurs on weekends in December.
Access & Location
SFStL is located about 30 miles southwest of downtown St. Louis at 4900 Six Flags Road, Eureka, MO 63025. The park is served by I-44 (exit 261).
Nearby Lodging
The Holiday Inn Six Flags is located within walking distance of the park, and it offers shuttle service. Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Family Fun Resort, a quarter mile from the park, offers campsites and cottages. Other chains, ranging from Motel 6 to Quality Inn, can be found in nearby towns.
Virtual Queue Options
The park offers three levels of Flash Pass (the Qbot system) for their major coasters and water rides: Regular, Gold, and Platinum (which allows you to wait once and ride twice). Flash Passes are available while they last.
You can greet your favorite DC Super Heroes and other characters (such as Looney Tunes and Scooby Doo) at the Palace Gardens near the St. Louis Train Station. There are other character meet-and-greet stages located throughout the park.
Boomerang Roller Coaster POV

Shane's Amusement Attic - 1977 Park Brochure (Mid-America)
Shane's Amusement Attic - 1978 Park Brochure (Mid-America)
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Shane's Amusement Attic - 1980 Park Brochure (Mid-America)
Mark's Postcard Paradise - Jet Scream (SF over Mid-America)
Mark's Postcard Paradise - Screamin' Eagle (SF over Mid-America)
Mark's Postcard Paradise - Rail Blazer (SF over Mid-America)
Mark's Postcard Paradise - River King Mine Train (SF over Mid-America)

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