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100 Hershey Park Dr, Hershey, PA
(717) 534-3900
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Hersheypark has a varied coaster lineup, and everybody is sure to find something they like. SkyRush is considered one of the world's most intense coasters. Storm Runner is a short but unique launched coaster, and Lightning Racer is a smooth and fun racing wooden coaster from GCI. Great Bear and Fahrenheit tend to draw the largest crowds, but Wild Mouse and Laff Trakk are the lowest-capacity coasters. The park has a lot of flat flats with varying levels in intensity. Also, don't forget to visit Chocolate World with lays outside the entrance gates for a relaxing dark ride.

Here are a couple of recommended tactics to conquer all the coasters in one day.
Dry-day coaster option:
•Most coasters will be a walk on as a good number of the guests in the park will be out in the Boardwalk area. Most guests ride the SkyRush, Comet and Great Bear first. Skip those rides until later and go directly to Fahrenheit.
•Ride Fahrenheit/Laff Trakk/Storm Runner/Sidewinder next.
•Go to the Wildcat and then Wild Mouse.
•Ride Lightning Racer while you are out in Midway America (ride this as many times as you can/want as it is high capacity and has short waiting times).
•Trailblazer is a good family option. Make sure you have an entertainment schedule and stay away from the ride when the Aquatheater shows end.
•The line for Skyrush becomes more manageable after lunch. Ride Great Bear and Comet during the dinner hour (stay away from the Comet at the end of the night as everyone in the park wants to get a last ride on the "white coaster" before leaving).

Wet-day coaster option:
•Skip the Great Bear and Comet and proceed to the back of the park. Keep an eye on the weather. If it starts to drizzle Fahrenheit and Storm Runner will shut down. Most people will leave the queue lines at those rides when they shut down. This is a good time to get in the queue (check your cell first or stop by a guest-services location to get a radar update to make sure that the precipitation is not going to last hours).
•During severe weather most if not all rides will shut down. Coasters are the last to re-open, but the queues will be empty. Find a safe place to wait out the storm in a building near the entrance of the coaster you want to ride. When it opens, you can get right in line.

Triple Tower, Howler, and Claw are the most best flat rides. Lines can become very long for popular family rides: Coal Cracker, Frontier Flyers, and Turnpike.

Included in park admission are the Boardwalk (water play area) and Zoo America if you want a break from the rides.
There are a wide variety of options throughout the park, including a few fast-food chains (Chick-Fil-A, Nathan's, Subway, Chickie and Petes, and Famous Famiglia Pizza). Burgers and chicken fingers are the most popular items on many menus, but for a change of pace try Spring Creek Smokehouse (near Trailblazer) or Tumbleweed Tacos. Hersheypark Square in Tudor Square is the park's full-service restaurant. Some of the unique snacks at the park is a smores cart in Founders Circle and the Whoopie Pie stand. Before you leave the park you may want to buy a bag of kettle corn, some of the best around, and to further feed your sweet tooth, you can purchase Hershey products in bulk and ice cream at Chocolate World.
Operating Season
Hersheypark is open for the summer season for weekends beginning in early May and daily from late May through Labor Day. They are also open for a few September weekends after Labor Day.
Established Seasonal events
Springtime in the Park generally occurs for one weekend before the park begins the regular operating season. Ticket prices are discounted, but some rides may still not be ready for the season.

Halloween in Hershey is a town-wide celebration of this "frightfully fun" season! Hersheypark in the Dark features over 50 rides, including 10 exhilarating roller "ghosters" and dozens of family favorites like the Night Mares (Carrousel) and The sooperBOOperlooper! Between Thanksgiving and New Year's is the Christmas Candylane event. Holiday lights and decorations surround a very limited number of open family rides.
Access & Location
From Baltimore: I-83N to York and Harrisburg. Near Harrisburg, continue on I-83N to 322E to Hershey. Exit at Hersheypark Drive/Route 39W.

From Central New Jersey: I-95S to the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-76). I-76W to Exit 266. Turn left onto 72N to 322W. Route 322 becomes Hersheypark Drive/Route 39W.

From NYC: I-78W to I-81S. Take Exit 77 and follow Route 39S to Hershey.

From Philadelphia: Schuykill Expressway (I-76W) to the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-76). I-76W to Exit 266. Follow NJ directions above.
Nearby Lodging
Hershey offers three nearby options: Hotel Hershey (luxury accomodations), Hershey Lodge (premium pricing), and Hershey Highmeadow Campground.

Rates tend to be higher for all motels in Hershey, and better deals can be found if you don't mind staying 15 miles away in Harrisburg.
Virtual Queue Options
Hersheypark offers their Fast Track Pass, available on 14 rides coasters. One time on each coaster with assigned seating. They also have an unlimited Fast Track Pass allowing repeat use on all rides

Preview Plan!
Arrive the night before and take advantage of the preview plan. Purchase your next day's ticket, and enter for 2 1/2 hours prior to the park closing. (Example: Arrive Sunday night after 7:30 PM and purchase or present your ticket for Monday--be a guest for no additional cost!) The preview plan is a great way for you to explore the park so that you can be prepared for your big day! Bonus! Pay to park in the evening, and the next day's parking is FREE.
Musical shows are housed in two locations: Music Box Theatre and the Hershey Ampitheater. But there are also performances along Music Box Way and in the Hatfield Country Grill. Sea lions perfrom in two separate shows at the Aquatheater.
Fahrenheit Roller Coaster POV
SkyRush Roller Coaster POV
Wildcat Wooden Roller Coaster POV

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