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Parque de Atracciones de Madrid
Paseo de la Venta del Batán, 28011, Madrid, Spain
+34 902 345 009
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El Train de la Mina
Vagones Loco

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Banca Pirata
Caballos del Oeste
Cueva de las Tarantulas
Los Fiordos
Ford T
La Jungula
La Lanzadera
La Maquina
La Pergola
Los Rapidos
La Reine de Africa
Rio Encantado
Star Flyer
Sillas Voladora
Top Spin
La Turbina

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Abismo, a Maurer Sohne Extended Sky Loop, can attract a long line. Close by is Tarantula, another Maurer Sohne creation, which features spinning cars that can create a unique experience on every ride. The other major coaster is an Intamin version of the Suspended Looping Coaster, Tornado.
As is the case with all Spanish parks, the water rides are very wet. There are also quite a few intense flat rides (Drop Tower, Frisbee, Pirate Ship, Top Spin, Condor), two shooting rides (Ceuva de las Tarantulas and the always entertaining Desperado), and two rides inspired by Disney, Fantasia and Jungula, which are similar to It's a Small World and Jungle Cruise on a budget.

The Walkng Dead Experience is an upcharge haunted house with limited show times. Groups of 8-10 people walk through at a time. The hours are posted in front of the attraction.

Nickelodeonland exists as a ride area for kids and family
Buffet Gran Avendia offers all you can eat (burgers, hot dogs, chicken, pasta salads, and even paella) at affordable prices. Throughout the park there are many other quick-service stands/kiosks, which have hot dogs, sandwiches on baguettes, and pizza. Pizzería La Fragua serves individual pizza with traditional (chorizo, sausage) and not-so-traditional (tuna fish) toppings.
Operating Season
The park is open year round with weekend operations from September to March. April and May bring some weekday operations. During the heart of the summer, June-August, the park is generally open every day. Always consult the park website for exact hours:
Established Seasonal events
The park hosted a Halloween event in 2014-2015 but no mention of future events are listed on their website.
Access & Location
By car:
From Madrid take the M-30 to the A-5 (Paseo de Extremadura) and follow the signs for Parque d'Atracciones.

By bus:
From Madrid bus lines 33 and 65 access the park.

By rail:
Take the Madrid Metro Line 10 to the Batan station.
Nearby Lodging
You can book combination park/hotel packages on the parks website through Travelparks (Parques Reunidos official travel agency)
Virtual Queue Options
Not available
Most of the entertainment in the park revolves around the Nickelodeon characters
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2007 Park Map
2006 Park Map