Fantazy Land
Alexandia, Egypt

...or "The Worst Theme Park in the World?"
Photos and trip report by "DubaiDave"

OK, I have just got back from a trip to Alexandria in Egypt. Apart from arriving the day that the riots started and the place being dirty as hell we had
 a nice few days away. I had heard that there was a kiddie credit at a place called Fantazy Land but could not find anyone who had been there.
Anyway We finally found the park and it was the worst run park I have ever been to. On the net I had found that the entry fee was 7 Egyptian Pounds,
 around $1.50. However when I got there they said it was 13 Pounds. I went back to the car as or whole group was going to go in, but when we got
back to the pay window it was now 30 Pounds each, Anyway, I decided to go in on my own to get some photos. One thing to note was that when I
paid my 30 Pounds I was actually given 3 tickets with 10 Pounds written on them, something tells me I was ripped off. lol

Anyway onto the photos....

From the state of the sign I got a rough idea of what to expect.

The entrance was quite nicely themed.


I was told no rides were closed today, that was a lie!

This is just inside the entrance Plaza.

Not the best Main Street I have seen.

The Go Kart Track was closed.

As was the suspended monorail.

The flying House....

Was Working!!!


these are the nicest photos I have of the park, will start on the bad ones soon.

this was the main cafe

Woo Hoo, a coaster credit.

It was closed.

Park Overview

This was a strange concrete box in the middle of the park.

The Dodgems had seen better days.

Several rides were set around a lagoon.

moving onto the island.

The lake had seen better days.

This area was themed on a derelict shack theme.

They had a couple of big flat rides.

Closed of course

One final shot of the enterance plaza. AND....

..the little kids that wanted to know how much my camera was worth..

Photos and trip report by "DubaiDave"

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