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Biddinghuizen, Netherlands
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Theme Park Review's MASSIVE Europe Trip Photo Update!
Day 3: Walibi World
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The park just opened Splash Battle.

Where you get in this boat thingy with lots of water....

...and hot chicks....

...and you splash each other!

For once it's NOT plain pasta!!!!

"Hello, I am Mr. Robb "three spoons of different sizes" Alvey!"
(screw the spoons...what's with that photo of Joey?!?!?)

Here's the REAL reason why Tom did so well in the video contest!

Xpress....they called it XPRESS....they had the chance to re-name it ANYTHING, but they called it Xpress.

"No, no, the red and blue are NOT Superman colors!!!"

Oh, look, Non-German Tom looks like a psycho freak again...what a shock!  =)

More happy Vekoma photos.

This one is actually quite good.  It's just a 'naked' Rock N Roller coaster!

"Yo, baby...wanna come over here and have some hot Dan meat?"

Yes, this is the 'pull the boat across the river and if you don't you're stuck here all day" attraction!

Greg slammed into the pole one too many times!

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