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Biddinghuizen, Netherlands
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Theme Park Review's MASSIVE Europe Trip Photo Update!
Day 3: Walibi World
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This is the sign of pure evil!

The "First Ever" Vekoma SLC!

Joey is happy, Non-German Tom is non German and Dan thinks "They built MORE of these???"

Ahh, what a lovely view of the awesome Vekoma.

Tom is on the ground not riding.  So you know what that makes him?  Smarter than us!

People have often complained about Six Flags using 'generic' merchandise at parks,. but this is ridiculous!
"Hey, do you have a coaster shirt?"  "We SURE DO....right over there!"

Here's a sign of Robin Hood since I missed getting a hot photo of Dan.

The park is nice enough to let you know if they are running one or two trains.  (Why can't more parks do this?)

Robin Hood, for being a Vekoma ride, is actually quite good!

Dan and Joey are skeptical, but they end up liking it too.

There are plenty of hills and fun stuff on this ride.

See the train go?  It goes fast.

Here is proof there is airitme!

Does this ride do anything but left turns????

The meeting of the Toms!  Non-German Tom, meet German Tom!

"The Ledge"  'Nuff said!

And here I present to you....a big grass wall!  It serves no purpose other than to be a big grass wall!

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