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Biddinghuizen, Netherlands
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Theme Park Review's MASSIVE Europe Trip Photo Update!
Day 3: Walibi World
(Forum Members - Download Goliath POV Video here!)

The reason why we came to Walibi World!

Ahh...just look at it.....yummy!

Ok, we'll get back to Goliath later....for now...

Welcome to Walibi World!

We met up with lots of friends from all different websites!

Anyone who shows up with a magic 'wallet of fire' is cool with us!

We were greeted by a couple of wallaby's!

"Check out that ass!"

Joey greets Wok, the non-politically correct Asian dragon!

Ahh, now back to Goliath, or, as we refer to it "Good Goliath!"

Elissa, Non-German Tom, Eric and Rainer (Who, you would never guess is a serious German dude!)

You're about 15 seconds away from bliss.

Airtime and plenty of it!

Here's that wacky inversion-non-inversion thing.

 Yeah, whatever, your opinion doesn't count!

You can never get sick of Goliath photos.

As the day went on, we met up with more people from
www.onride.de, which, if you speak German, is kind of like
the Theme Park Review of Germany!  (And even if you don't speak German, there's an English forum too!)

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