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Les Avenières, France

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Theme Park Review's MASSIVE Europe Trip Photo Update!
Day 17: Walibi Rhone-Alpes

I just want to preface this update by saying that Walibi-Rhone-Alpes wasn't quite what we were expecting.  In fact, it wasn't much of
a park at all.  They had about a half a dozen rides, kind of "plopped" down in a large field with what sort of looked like paths leading to each one.....

...we kind of knew something was not right when the parking lot had more construction vehicles and ripped up tarmac than it did parked cars!

Here is the "main gate" to the park.  Yup, a couple of umbrella's...not even a turnstile!

We sort of wandered around aimlessly looking for rides, but so far all we found was near-deserted buildings.

We nick named this area "Malaria Lake" because, I mean, look at it!  Do YOU want to go anywhere near it???

"Hey, let's put a slide tower....THERE!"  *PLOP*  "Good job!  Let's find a place for our next ride!"

"Hello, I am Walibi....*sigh* I know, I know, there's no Goliath here, no Robin Hood, but hey...I um...I've got a cool Boomerang!  Yeah!!!"

And Walibi was RIGHT!  He does have a COOL Boomernag!  In fact, this was the most abnormal Boomerang ever!!!!

It's impossible to describe looking at photos, which is why you HAVE to download the video below.  Basically on the return
to the station, the train goes all the way back up the back spike, then all the way forward nearly back through the Boomerang...AGAIN!!!

Both Dave and Dan are wet and ready to ride the "Abnormal Boomerang!"

This next section we would like to call the "Many Faces Of A Vekoma Boomerang...."

Here you see the face made at the first jolt of pain in the first boomerang inversion.

Here is the "grit your teeth into sandpaper" look bracing for the 2nd inversion.

Here is the "Oh, crap, here comes the vertical loop" look while preparing for hot death.

Now this actually the look of disbelief "What???  I can't believe I'm not getting my head pounded during this part!!

Ahh, now this is the very typical, but award winning "Prepare for the horrible KER-CHUNK sound" face!

You MUST download the video below to see how bizarre this Boomerang really is!

Click HERE to download the "Abnormal Boomerang" video!

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