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Vinterbro, Norway
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Theme Park Review's MASSIVE Europe Trip Photo Update!
Day 6: TusenFryd
Forum Members: Download Thunder Coaster POV Video!

We finally made it to Norway, and that meant a day at TusenFryd!

We were disappointed that the only trolls we found it Norway were these two guys!

Any park with a large escalator is cool with us.

The park allowed us in early to film on Thunder Coaster, so it was time for another Vekoma woodie.  I hope this one is good!

The first drop reminds me a lot of Hershey's Wildcat.

There's the lipstick camera strapped on and ready to go! 
Forum Members: Download Thunder Coaster POV Video!

Even though this is technically the 2nd drop, it's kind of like a 1st drop, but in the middle of the ride!

There is a great view to be had from the top of that 2nd drop.

Yeah, we like this woodie!

It's a little more brutal than Robin Hood or Loup Garou, but it's got a LOT of great airtime moments!

Did we mention a nice view?

The boys brave the back seat.  It's not really 'rough', but it is bouncy.

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