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Copenhagen, Denmark
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Day 8: Tivoli Gardens
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What makes the Scenic Railway unique is that there is a "brakeman" that sits on the ride the whole time!

The brakeman manually controls the speed of the train, because, otherwise, it WILL fly off the track!

And you get some damn good speed going down those drops!

It's suitable for all ages.

Elissa thought this guy was hot!

The park was very cool to us and invited us on a behind the scenes tour of the ride.

We got to check out the 'cable room' where they get every channel you can think of!!!

There were a couple more trains just hanging out in there having a beer.

This is a wheel.  It goes on the track.  The coaster goes fast.

We were given a brief history lesson about the coasters that used to be at the park.

And then, we were able to strap the lipstick camera to the train!

We got some good POV of the coaster

Look out!!! It's a tunnel!!!

More good views of crazy drops.

"Hold Pa Hatten"

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!

Apparently this character was on the top of one of the tunnels up until about a year or so ago.
It was removed because it was offending people.  I don't see anything wrong with it!  =)

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