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Lago di Garda, Italy
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Day 16: Movie Studios Park

There was a small rides section to the park, and while there wasn't too much there at the moment, there's a LOT of room to expand.

Ok, so it might be powered, it might not count as a coaster, but we still had fun.

This is a fairly common model that does a double figure 8.

Robb: "Yo, what up dawg?"  Dan: "I better not get wet on this!"  Joey: "I think I see a Euro on the ground."

There was also a compact log flume, and on a blazing hot day like today, we needed it!

Small, but effective!

They also had a good amount of blazing hot women!  And on a day like today, we needed them!

Ahh, it's showtime!  At the Rambo stunt show, looks like some hostages have been taken!  Oh no!  What will we do?

"Never fear, Rambo is here!  I will rescue you!"

"I'll just hop on the top of this truck....I hope they don't notice!"

"But first I gotta blow this up...."

"....and yeah, I need to blow up this too....just in case...."

" know, I hear there might be some evil there, so I'm going to blow that up REAL GOOD!!!!"

"Dude, you psycho!  You blew EVERYTHING up!  Including the hostages!!!"

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