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Lago di Garda, Italy
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Day 16: Movie Studios Park

Next up was Terminator 2.  I really had no idea what to expect and I was really hoping it wasn't a 3D movie.  It's not!
It's more like Backdraft or Twister, but with a *LOT* more fire!!!

The robots start shooting real blanks and the place lights up.

The Terminator does his best Bruce Springsteen impression!

Then blows a bunch of stuff up.

Oops, gotta destroy himself (with lots of fire hanging around of course!)

Wow!  Those Terminators really flare up the grill!

For lunch we got the chance to eat with Zorro.....

...The Gay Blade!  =)

The only thing that could make this any gayer is if David Hamburger dropped by!

"It's that a WOMAN I smell?!?!?"

"Hey pooch, Dan has a treat for you.  Just go ahead and rip his head off and eat his guts and you can have the cookies!"

Awesome!  Where's Jessica Simpson?

Woah!  Who cares as long as this chick hangs out longer!

The guys from are impressed with the women too!

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