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Lago di Garda, Italy
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Theme Park Review's MASSIVE Europe Trip Photo Update!
Day 16: Movie Studios Park

Since we decided not to return to Gardaland for a 2nd visit, this allowed us more time to spend at Movie Studios Park.
We're all happy we made this decision, because Movie Studios Park rocked!  Keep in mind that this park is pretty much
brand new and has only been open a couple of years.  If what they have so far is an example of what's to come, this place
could really give Gardaland a run for the money.  (And that won't be hard to do!)  This place was the 'surprise' of the trip!

Movie Studios Park attracts real stars!  Even the Storm Troopers were in line to get tickets!

Movie Studios Park is part of a huge resort complex called "CanevaWorld."

Where you'll find a REALLY nice looking waterpark called Aqua Paradise.

And there are a number of themed restaurants here too.

Our first ride of the day was on "Magma" which is kind of an "Earthquake meets Catastrophe Canyon meets Rhino Rally" thing.

Anyone got some marshmallows?

Oh, cool!  There's tons of water on this ride!

"It's a good thing we put Dan on the end!"

Ahh, yes, Dan fully enjoyed the wonderful world of lots of water in his lap!

Looks just like my hometown!

Yay!  More wetness!

And just when you think you survive all that craziness.....

The truck goes backwards splashing back down into the water!  (Dan thought this park was REALLY cool!)  =)

"Why is Ralphs selling Storm Troopers?!?!"

"Hey, hey buddy!  Not below the belt!  Didn't they teach you that in Empire School?!?!"

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