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Plailly, France

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Theme Park Review's MASSIVE Europe Trip Photo Update!
Day 20: Parc Asterix
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Today was the last day of our trip.  =(  And at least we ended off with a park that we all really like a lot.  Parc Asterix!

Upon arrival, things weren't looking go good.  And we all looked like a bunch of Oompa Loompa's!

It was cold and wet, and a little hot chocolate helps! nice thing about the bad weather is you can see how crowded the park was!

And that meant LOTS of rides on Tonnerre De Zeus for us!

Which is a good thing because this ride was running AWESOME!!!

This had been a top 5 woodie for me when it opened, but fell quite a bit during my 2002 visit because of how rough it had gotten...

I'm happy to report that it KICKS ASS now!!!!

Lucky for us, the weather cleared up and the Asterix gods gave us bleu skies!

"Damn thee coaster rides, I will strike you down with my  panties!!!"

Dudes, this ride was seriously hauling! 

The sun was out, the ride was awesome, French people giving us baguettes, what could be better?

I love this line...."Humps which send you flying!"  I've had a few flying humps in my time!  =)

This must be one of those flying humps!

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