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Bottrop, Germany
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Theme Park Review's MASSIVE Europe Trip Photo Update!
Day 11: Movie Park Germany
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Yay we've made it to Warner Brothers Movie Park Germany...or whatever it's called now.

Thank goodness the crowds were light today! 

Wow, did we pass through the acid filter when we came through this park???

It's no wonder Europeans have a bad image of Americans!!!

It's time for the rope drop...or the string drop...I guess...

Gaaarrrrhhhhh!!!  Me Tom!!!  Me get to coasters!!!!  AAARRRRGGGHHH!!!

Cop Car Chase....or "Generic Coaster Name #4!"

"Hey girls, wouldn't I look hot as a policeman?"

Yay!  First ride of the day is wacky Intamin stuff.

It goes in and out of buildings.

Kind of messed up, but a lot of fun!

Bizarre loopy things.

There was only one car, so where's the chase?

It was more like "cop car meander."

Soren is making an Oscar winning film!  You can even download it

Alien Encounter.  Two things...#1 it's not at Disney, #2 we were told we wouldn't get wet.

Does this look "not wet" to you?!?!

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