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Ravenna, Italy
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Theme Park Review's MASSIVE Europe Trip Photo Update!
Day 15: Mirabilandia

Ahh, one more kiddie coaster!

Dan shows off the high safety standards the park holds!

It's a Vekoma Roller Skater, so it's fun!

Elissa finds herself a new young Italian to take home with her.

Dan loves Vekoma Roller Skaters!

What the heck is an "Auto Splash???"

Oh, well, DUH, it's car-themed log flume!

Joey is totally oblivious to Elissa doing her "Jurassic Park Raptor Impression."

How the hell are you not noticing this????  What could you possibly be looking at?

"Oooof, Oooof, Goorooow, Gooorooow..."  Joey is still in la-la land.


"Joey, I have a book of JEWISH NAKED WOMEN!!!!!!"  Nope...nothing.

"Huh?  What the hell is going on?"

Short story....their shot towers used to be called the "Twin Towers" and it had all this airplane theming around it.
They changed the name for obvious reasons....

.....to Space Shuttle Columbia!!!!  Oops!

Marco and the guys from
http://www.theparks.it/ wanted to get some photos with us....

and we even got interviewed on the site which you can download here:
http://www.theparks.it/pks_altro/intervRobb.htm (click on Scarica il video)

It's actually a pretty funny video!  Everything from Joey farting to random questions about parks!

Thanks again to the guys from
http://www.theparks.it/ for hanging out with us and making our day at Mirabilandia GREAT!

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