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Ravenna, Italy
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Theme Park Review's MASSIVE Europe Trip Photo Update!
Day 15: Mirabilandia

Ahh, Mirabilandia!  Our first park in Italy!!

Home to large fortress-like entrances....

...and kick ass B&M called "Katun"....

...and toilets where you gotta squat!

Before showing you all some photos of the good ride, let's go check out Sierra Tonante!

The woodie looks nice enough, and it's got trains by, who else?  Zamperla....an Italian ride's manufacturer!

From the front seat this looks like it could be really decent!

It's got a nice setting, it's gotta be fun right?

Maybe some airtime or something there?  Doesn't look too bad.

But wow....does that look like a train full of happy faces?  Check out the guy in row 3!  That pretty much sums it up!

Mirabilandia uses this bizarre 'red light, green light' turnstile system.  When the light turns green it lets in exactly the right amount of people
per train.  Sounds fair enough, right?  The system doesn't work.  The kids go through and turn it twice, people want to group up, etc.

If you're a ripped up, six pack abs, hot, shirtless Italian, you can't ride.  Get the hell out!  But if you're a preppy,
BMW driving polo shirt wearing kind of guy, welcome aboard!  =)


"Who needs Robb when I can have the drum game?"

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