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Saltum, Denmark
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Theme Park Review's MASSIVE Europe Trip Photo Update!
Day 4: Farup Sommerland
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We'll close up the Farup update with a few more Falken photos.

There really was airtime on every hill!

Good laterals too.

This is the best tunnel ever!!  Great 'head chopper.'

More laterals, more airtime.

These people know how to have fun!

One last photo of Falken.

Two things about this photo - the word "Fahrt" and well...ok, it's just a random funny photo!

After the park, we headed to Hirtshals to catch our overnight ferry.

But Robb got distracted by some butts.

The gas stations in Denmark have some great products in their shelves!

Here we are parking our car in the ferry.

Elissa's not too sure about this.

See, look it's just a like a cruise ship!  =)

The sun is setting, time for bed.

It's going to be a long, cozy night!  =)

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