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Saltum, Denmark
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Day 5: Farup Sommerland
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Ok, and now the coolest thing at Farup (besides the girls)

The survival obstacle course!!!!

We all look ready and willing.  This can't be so bad, right?

There were plenty of fun nets to climb down....no problem.

...slides are always fun too...

...check out the maze we had to figure out (Robb is still there now!)

But then......

...the monkey bars over 5 feet of water!!!!  The hot chicks don't seem to have a problem....

Joey is not doing so good (You HAVE to download our Farup video to see how he does!)

Elissa makes it only ONE STEP further than Joey!

Dan's all "Damn, I love Denmark!"

Well, we all chickened out and didn't do the monkey bars.  =(

But we did the walk on water like Jebus thing!

There was this cool human powered pull the boat across the water thing.

So we bolted to it and left Dan on the dock!  Bye Dan!!!!  =)

Although we made Joey do all the manual labor!

There were a lot of dark, dank areas...

Don't fall Elissa!!!

Towards the end there was a zipline.

I think we all must have fallen at least 10 times on this one!

Elissa loved the VIBRATING platform!!!

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