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Saltum, Denmark
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Theme Park Review's MASSIVE Europe Trip Photo Update!
Day 5: Farup Sommerland
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It was cool being up on the lift getting a chance to get these photos.

The park was even crazy enough to let us operate the coaster!!!

Now back to some more cool photos.

It's a good thing the sun came back out!

"Flagermusen" was one of those coasters that Elissa really loves.

Yup, it's a spinning mouse....

the dudes seem to be ok on it....

...this one spun quite a bit....

...and as you can see by the veins popping out of Elissa's neck, she loved it too!

And now for the coolest thing at Farup.....


Elissa does an 'ass way up in the air" flip.  Joey is almost impressed.

This deadly thing created bruises of all sorts of neat shapes and sizes!

And here goes Joey attacking a giant broccoli.

And here is Joey getting his ass totally kicked apart by that Broccoli!

The score so far: Joey - 0; Broccoli - 1; Random foot in the air....PRICELESS!!!

This photo is too amazing for words.  But if you can think of a good caption EMAIL DAN!

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