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Saltum, Denmark
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Day 5: Farup Sommerland
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Today we ventured out into the 'middle of nowhere' Denmark to Farup Sommerland.

We had no idea what to expect of Farup, but as you can see the park is quite large!

All we knew is that they built Falken in 2004!

Falken had a fantastic view of the park as well as some great airtime!

Ahhh...check out that view of the lake.

Now check out that view of Dan!

Thanks to the cool management of the park, we were able to walk up the lift of Falken to bring you some great photos!

They seem to be riding so 'proper.'

"Hey baby....how's it goin?"  Wink, wink.

During our walk through the ride there were a few narrow spots!

Joey hangs on for dear life!!!

And yet the riders still have a good time, regardless of what random American's they are flying past.

Oh, please....PLEASE let a train come by NOW!!!!!

Falken has a cool upwards helix into the brake run.

It also has a crapload of airtime leading up to that helix!

Here I am near the top of Falken in the rain!

Luckily the weather cleared up and we got nice blue skies!

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