Walibi Belgium (Six Flags Belgium)

Wavre, Belgium
Official Web Site: http://www.starparks.com/

European Coaster Odyssey 2002

The European Six Flags parks seem to get a theming treatment the US ones done have.

We learned very quickly that Six Flags Belgium should be known as "Vekomaland"

Just about every type of Vekoma ride existed here.

So far you've seen a Corkscrew, and SLC, and of course a Boomerang.

The surprise to us, though, was how good the Vekoma woodie, Loup Garou was!

They even had a Vekoma mine train coaster.

The woodie was quite impressive.

The trains were similar to GCI Millennium Flyers, but a bit more comfortable.

Check out the first drop.

I can't believe we are saying such nice things about a Vekoma ride!!!

Just look at that massive structure!

Turbine is an enclosed Schwarzkopf shuttle loop.

Out of the building the train flies fast!

Inside this building is the loop (and no, it's not still stuck upside down!)  =)

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