Theme Park Review Invites You To our: 
  Coaster Expedition Vol. 9 DVD Release Party!

1/18/08 - NOTE:  Sorry, but we have reached capacity for this event.  No more RSVP's can
    be accepted.

    Come spend a day with us at Six Flags Magic Mountain, then head over to Robb & Elissa's for dinner, party, and a movie!

    Here are the details!
  Date: Saturday, January 19th, 2008

9:30 - 5:30pm - Six Flags Magic Mountain
            6:00 - Whenever - Party at Robb & Elissa's

  What: Plenty of Food, Drinks, Games, Prizes, Friends, Fun, and a MOVIE!

  Where: Robb & Elissa Alvey’s Clubhouse. Our place is only 1 mile away
  from Six Flags, on the same road, so it’s easy and convenient!

  UPDATE!  We have just been contacted by Six Flags Magic Mountain and
  everyone who attends the Magic Mountain part of the day will receive:

  - Lunch complimentary of Six Flags Magic Mountain
  - A private tour of SFMM by park president Jay Thomas
  - One on One time with park president Jay Thomas
  - Coaster Expedition DVD Volume 9 Screening in the Magic Moments Theater.
  - And possibly more surprises!

   If you have a season pass to the park, this day is completely *FREE*, if you do not have a Six Flags season pass, you will need to
   purchase general admission, a season pass, or any other ticket that will get you through the gates!

    To RSVP Please Fill Out The Following Form:
Maps, directions, and more details will be provided via email once you have RSVP’d. Please RSVP as soon as you can!  This is
    very important as we have a limit to how many people we can accommodate! We also need to know how much food to get!

   Your full name:

   A valid email address:

   Your  Theme Park Review Forum screen name:
   (NOTE: You *MUST* be a TPR member to attend the party!)

   How many people are in your party (including yourself)

   Please add any comments, questions, etc you have below:

   We look forward to seeing you at the party!

   NOTE: You do not need to go to both the park and the party. Feel free to come up for just the park,
   or just the party! It's up to you!  Please note in the comments section if you are doing either one or the other.

  1/18/08 - NOTE:  Sorry, but we have reached capacity for this event.  No more RSVP's can
    be accepted.



   For more up to date information, please see this thread on TPR's forum:


   1) What will this cost me? - NOTHING

   2) What will we do at Robb & Elissa’s? – We’ll be eating food, we’ll have Video Games hooked up, we’ll play games to win
        prizes, we have a pool table, contests, and more!

   3) Why do I need to RSVP? – We need to buy enough food, drinks, and supplies for everyone! As well as set up seating,
        activities and prizes. Once you have RSVP’d you will be provided with directions to Robb & Elissa’s and even more information!

   4) What if the weather is bad? – This is RAIN OR SHINE!

   5) Are there any age restrictions? –To come to the party alone you must be 16 or older, if you are younger than 16, you must be
        accompanied by an adult.

   6) Can I bring my own food or alcohol? – Because this is being held in a special room, there are restrictions on food and drink.
        All food and drink will be provided by Theme Park Review.

   7) Is there anything else I need to know? – Be prepared to have a great time! But be aware that any rude or inappropriate
        behavior will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave immediately.

) I still have more questions, how can I ask them? – If you have any questions or comments please email them to


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