Las Vegas 2005 & Zion National Park

Las Vegas, NV
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Ok, so this isn't REALLY a "roller coaster" update, but Las Vegas is kind of like one big theme park!
With all the themed hotels, restaurants, and crazy stuff that goes on in Vegas, a weekend there is a lot like a day in some of 
the world's best parks!

So the story behind this trip is that Elissa's parents came out to visit, and we decided to make a long weekend out of it.
We spent two days in Vegas and a day in Zion National Park, which is about two hours away from the strip in Utah.
Here are the results of that trip.....

We stayed once again at the Monte Carlo hotel.  It's a nice place, not too expensive, and we had a nice view of the strip!

Since this is a "roller coaster and theme park" website, here is an obligatory photo of Manhattan Express!

Here are the cast of characters for this update.
From left to right: Elissa's dad who has a weird condition where he can't control his tongue, Elissa's mom trying to avoid this
photo, Elissa showing off her gang-ness, and Grant, Elissa's brother, who pretty much always looks like that.

If the coaster was real, and the fact that no one knows what the hell a "Surf Buffet" is...maybe this place would stay in business!

How many times has someone asked you "Did you ride that wooden coaster they have in Vegas???"

This guy had the inside scoop on what is down in god-land.  In fact, he says he communicates with lordy one through that
walkie-talkie he's got attached to his sign.

I gotta be honest here....she doesn't really make me wanna call that number!!!  =)

"Mr. Hot Dog" really says Mr. Hot Dog. 

Vegas can be such a strange place.  Here you have really beautiful themed hotels...

...and right down the street you got this place that looks like something out of a 1970's porno flick!

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